I think my order is lost in transit, what do I do?
       Generally, we require customers to wait weeks after their last tracking update before assuming their package is lost in transit. It’s common for packages to arrive during, or even after, this window of time. Because we operate with limited quantity items, we want to be certain that your item is truly lost before going forward with a replacement.
       If it’s been over weeks since your last tracking update and you believe your package is floating in the aether, please submit a support ticket so customer service can help you with a replacement.
Can I cancel my order?
       All sales are considered final, but we can process cancelations on a case-by-case basis. There is no guarantee we can cancel your item because we manufacture products based on pre-order quantities.
Why was my order canceled?
       If you’ve found that your order has been canceled by mistake, please submit a ticket to our Support Team.